What is a Sibenik Card

Sibenik Card is a tourist card that:

  • allows you to discover all that Sibenik has to offer
  • helps you to save over 1.100 kn on attraction tickets (includes NP Krka), restaurants, tours, souvenir shopping, rent-a-car, taxi, yacht charter …

Buy the card in app for 175 kn
and save over 1.100 kn during your holiday!

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Why should I buy Sibenik Card?

  • You can save  1.100 kn on local attractions, restaurants, tours and services
  • For restaurants, tours, shops:  1 Card = Unlimited use, valid for group / family
    (The card is active 4 days after first use)

Included in the purchase of Sibenik Card, you also get a free brochure or mobile guide – with marked locations of the attractions, partners and services, descriptions, their addresses and contact info – so you can locate where you can benefit from a discount or a free admission.